Three Good Restaurants In Portland Oregon That Would Make For Great Stops

Portland may not be the capital city of Oregon, but it is the state’s largest city. There are 3500+ restaurants in Portland, and I want to get to three of the best for you right quick. You are going to have a lot on your mind when you get to Rose City, and at least you will know what’s good to eat. Alright, let me see what we have here in the form of three top restaurants in Portland OR.

Tasty n Alder is located on SW 12th Avenue, and it is known first of all for serving up a big Cowboy Breakfast. Tasty n Alder serves up quite a bit more than that though. Korean fried chicken, Baja tacos, potatoes bravas and much more can be enjoyed at this restaurant known for being a brunch spot. One person mentioned that Tasty n Alder has a good vibe, and another mentioned it is always a good bet.

Killer Burger sounds like the perfect spot to get the best burger in Portland, don’t you think? Located on SW 3rd Avenue, this establishment is known first of all for serving up a delicious classic burger. Killer Burger also serves up what is called a peanut butter burger, cold craft beer and much more.

Toro Bravo is on NE Russel Street, and it is known for salt cod fritters, duck liver mousse, dates wrapped in bacon and much more. Those dishes sound a little different, so you know you will have a unique experience at Toro Bravo. You should enjoy visiting all three of these great restaurants, and I hope you do make it by all three while you are there. Portland is such a big city that you will be all over the place exploring everything you have time to do for sure.

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