Portland OR Establishments That Provide A Unique Dining Experience

Oregon’s largest city ranks #26 when it comes to the US cities with the biggest populations. Portland’s Aerial Tram is really cool, and the city features all kinds of great places of interest. When it comes to restaurants, there are some unique establishments. Let’s look at three out of the 3500+ restaurants that would make for a great visit.

Salty’s on the Columbia River is located at 3839 NE Marine Drive. Prime rib, king salmon and seafood chowder are a few of the top menu items at Salty’s on the Columbia River. One person reported eating the Thanksgiving Buffet at this restaurant, and it was delicious. Reviews talk about this restaurant being one of the best places for eating seafood in Rose City.

Pine Street Market is also a wonderful restaurant in Portland, and it is located at 126 SW Street. Pizza, beer, ice cream and more await you at the Pine Street Market. You see, the thing about Pine Street Market is there are 10 places to eat at one location, a food court of sorts. It is a unique dining experience people say, the way everything is set up. Pine Street Market should be a lot of fun.

Island Cafe is up next, and it is located at 250 NE Tomahawk Island Drive. Halibut tacos, popcorn shrimp, mango chicken and so much more are waiting for you at Island Cafe. Outdoor seating is available, so this place should be a treat. They put little umbrellas in the drinks, too, so this is that relaxing experience you may be looking for. I told you Portland has some great restaurants, and these three are some that will really show you a good time. Have fun traveling the city of Portland, and maybe you will find yourself eating at one of the recommended establishments.

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