Business Owner Shoots, Kills Man After Confrontation

Business Owner Shoots, Kills Man After Confrontation

February 22, 2017 ytu789oop 0

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A 32-year-old homeless man died Monday after being shot by a business owner who said the man confronted him and his wife, police said.

Investigators said Jason G. Peterson walked into Golden Key Insurance Agency on SE Foster Road near 82nd Avenue and confronted Charlie W. Chan and his wife about property he left outside that had gone missing, Portland Police Bureau said.

Looking for the best Portland apartments

Looking for the best Portland apartments

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Finding the best and most suitable as well as beautiful areas for apartment rental in Portland can be amazing. With Portland being a major city in Oregon, there is so much that the city has for everyone no matter the kind of life you want to live or the lifestyle you have. Looking for the finest areas to rent apartments need lots of though and consideration. There are so many amazing apartment areas where you can select or decide to rent apartments in Portland.[….]

Portland apartments in Oregon for you

Portland Apartments in Oregon for You

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People decide to move from their current place of living to different places for various reasons. No matter what your reason is, it is only normal that you take seriously where you stay during your move. If you are in need of apartments in Portland, it is only normal that you search for one. If you are in search for an apartment in Portland, Oregon then you need not be worried because there are lots of apartment communities available in the various areas in Portland to choose or make your choice from.[….]

Bad Credit

Portland Apartments That Will Approve Your Bad Credit or Broken Lease

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Having bad credit or many broken leases or even just one broken lease is not a good sign for home owners who want to rent out their apartments in Portland. Also known as Little Beirut and Rose Garden, Portland in Oregon has seen so many vacationers come into the city every year and it still sees more and more people hit the city every single year. It is a very large city with so many businesses and also so much to do.

Portland apartments for rent

Some Tips When Finding Furnishes Portland Apartments for Rent

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This is why there are lots of furnished apartments available for rent now than before and unlike some years ago, people are embracing this reality of staying in furnished apartments now, more than before. Just imaging the PORTLAND Apartments you get to rent or choose from having a lot of space and also giving you the privacy you need and deserve while also giving you a lot of time to relax and enjoy all the services and amenities it has to offer.