Portland Region Forecast (Oregon City): Storm Kicks Off Weekend Of Sun

The National Weather Service — Portland Office issued a special weather alert for the Oregon Coast and inland valleys beginning Thursday.

Strong wind and heavy rain is expected to sweep across the region starting Thursday afternoon and heading into Friday, according to forecasters. Gusting upward of 30 to 40 mph, winds in the metro area won’t be as strong as along the coast where wind is expected to top out at 50 mph.

Just shy of meriting a Wind Advisory, the winds may still be strong enough to cause some damage, forecasters said. Because trees are "fully leafed out", according to forecasters, tree and limb damage is possible, which could also lead to power disruptions if any lines are compromised.

In addition to the wind, of course, will be the rain.

An "atmospheric river" coming from the West Pacific tropics has the potential to really drench the Portland area Thursday and Friday, forecasters said. While 1 to 2 inches is expected on the coast, higher elevation areas could get 2 to 4 inches. Roadways and urban creeks could see some flooding, forecasters said, with the greatest danger to drivers being hydroplaning. Rivers shouldn’t be at risk of flooding, however, because they’re already fairly low, forecasters said.

Snow levels are said to be well above the Cascade Pass elevations, but forecasters still warn the next two days might be the best for hiking or mountain climbing.
The weekend should see an entirely different weather pattern, with forecasters calling for sunny skies and 80 degrees by Sunday. A weather update on Saturday will provide an accurate forecast for the coming work week.

Until then, stay dry.

Today, rain throughout the day.

Friday June 16

Rain until evening. High 67, low 56.

Chance of precipitation: 88%. Wind 6 mph from the SW

Saturday June 17

Partly cloudy throughout the day. High 74, low 50.

Chance of precipitation: 1%. Wind 2 mph from the NW

Sunday June 18

Partly cloudy in the morning. High 83, low 56.

Chance of precipitation: 0%. Wind 2 mph from the NNW

Monday June 19

Partly cloudy until evening. High 86, low 58.

Chance of precipitation: 0%. Wind 3 mph from the NW

Data provided by darksky.net.

Image: National Weather Service — Portland Office

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