Portland Oregon – Gem Of The Pacific Northwest

Located in the picturesque Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon is fast becoming one of the top cities when it comes to art, culture, and food. Surrounded by lush forests and snow-capped mountains, there is also much here to appeal to lovers of the outdoors, whether you enjoy hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting, or simply exploring the world around you.

The Pacific Northwest is well known for its ample rainfall, and Portland is no exception to this regional weather. Much of the year, you can expect many overcast days and lots of misty drizzle. However, There is more sun than people often expect. Many of the days are mixed weather, so a rainy morning will often yield to a sunny and pleasant afternoon. This plentiful rainfall is also responsible for the lush greenery found throughout this temperate rainforest. It is also important to note that late summer often brings with it plenty of blue skies and sun, without the heavy heat and humidity common to much of the rest of the country during the “dog days” of summer.

Speaking of dogs, Portland is also known as an extremely pet-friendly city. People often take their dogs everywhere with them, and there are a surprising number of shops and even restaurants that are more than happy to cater to your pet as well as yourself.

If you are a foodie at heart, you will be pleased to note that over the years, the city of Portland has become a destination city for top chefs from around the world. The ample amount of fresh, local produce, a nearby river full of fish, and its proximity to the ocean mean that there is no lack of fresh ingredients for food lovers to enjoy.

Portland, Oregon has a great deal to offer everyone from the modern urbanite to the lover of the outdoors. With a dedication to both technological advances and the environment, this city is ready to take on the future without sacrificing its natural bounty.

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